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  • Forest and shrub trail Kaunertal valley

    Published 20-Feb-'16
    Modified 25-Jan-'20
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    1. Background

    This nature trail leads through the Kauner and Kaunerberger dry grasslands, which are home to many different animal and plant species. On the 45 accompanying information boards along the way, you learn a lot of more than 40 species of trees and shrubs, and their native flora. Also, more than 1100 species of butterflies, many nocturnal thereof, can be observed here!

    In its biodiversity and its conservation value, the dry grasslands are comparable to the sunny slopes in Fließ. As part of the care plan, since 2006, deforestation and overgrazing are carried out and encouraged to obtain valuable lean lawns. At the same time rare butterfly species such as the “Silver Green Bluebird” or “Variable Burnet” are protected.

    2. The hiking trail

    From the bus stop Kauns Dorfplatz (Kauns village square), you go first towards Kaunerberg. In the reverse the information boards begins. At the sign “Zum Wasserfall” Schlossbach ends this way. Back to Kauns along the signage. There also is a brochure from this trail.

    The trail is a 2,5 kilometers long round trip, duration 1,5 hours.

    2.2 Starting point

    The trail starts at the bus stop Kauns Dorfplatz (Kauns village square). There is a free parking lot.

    How to get there:

    By car: From Wenns center, drive via Piller, Fuchsmoos and Kaunerberg, duration 27 minutes.

    By public transports: There is no direct bus connection, you have to travel via Imst, Landeck and Prutz to Kauns.



    © www.kaunertal.com


    The dry grasslands of Kauns
    © www.kaunertal.com


    2.3 Turn-by-turn directions

    Describe the route. Do it briefly; just to guide people to the destination. Assume they have a GPX or map. Give guidance with for example photos to prevent mistakes going the wrong way.

    2.4 Duration

    For people used to heights it takes x-y hours to reach the destination. For others it will take zz minutes more. When enjoying the scenery more relaxed, taking photos etc. it will take around xx hours. Going down to the village yy goes much faster; around xx hours including zz minutes break for people not used to heights.

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