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  • Sattele – Feldringalm – Faltegartenköpfl

    Published 7-Feb-'18
    Modified 25-Jan-'20
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    1. Background of the Feldringalm

    The Feldringalm is situated at 1,888 meters above sea level in the Stubai alps, near Kühtai – Ochsengarten. In the summer, in the beautiful surroundings, on different hiking trails, you can reach the extremely scenic hut, which is also suitable as a stopover after the very popular and simple trip to the mountain Faltegartenköpfl.

    20180323 Outdooractive - Feldringalm

    The Feldringalm
    © www.outdooractive.com

    2. The hiking trail

    The trail starts from the (paid) parking lot Sattele in Ochsengarten. There is a large public parking lot near the valley station of the Ochsengartenbahn (5 minutes drive).  First you walk over the forest road, in about 45 minutes you reach the Feldringalm hut. The trail continues with a climb up to the mountain Faltegartenköpfl. At a height of 2184 meters, you have a wonderful panoramic view of the alpine world in Austria. The descent takes over the Bettlersteig (climb) above the Faltegartenalm, back to the hut on the Feldringalm and over the same way back to the parking lot in Sattele.



    The duration of this hiking trail is 4,15 hours, it will take more time if you take a break at the hut or if you stop to enjoy the beuatiful panoramic views.

    Another route: A wonderful round trip results when in Sattele, you walk on the way no. 10a, to the inn Marlstein, this is a road without significant gain in altitude. From the inn, turn sharply to the left and follow trail no. 151 uphill to the mountain Grünwaslkreuz (at 2027 meters) and from here to the northwest direction, slightly downhill to the hut on the Feldringalm. The length of this variant trip is 6,5 kilometers, duration about 2-2.5 hours, with a height difference of 380 meters. It is also nice to go this round trip in the opposite direction!

    2.2 Starting point

    The trail starts from the (paid) parking lot Sattele in Ochsengarten. Cost for the whole day € 3. (Coördinates 47°13’52.44″N, 10°55’40.55″O). There is a large public parking lot near the valley station of the Ochsengartenbahn (5 minutes drive).

    How to get there:

    By car: From Wenns, drive out of the Pitztal valley to Imst, take the B171 to Oetztal Bahnhof and Haiming, turn right to the L309 Haiminger Landestraβe to the parking lot in Sattele (30 km, 35 minutes).

    By public transports: From Wenns, there is a bus connection via Imst and Oetztaler Höhe to Gasthof Burkert in Ochsengarten. From there, walk to the starting point parking lot Sattele (35 minutes). Total driving and walking time 2,5 hours.

    2.3 Turn-by-turn directions

    From the parking lot “Sattele”, you follow the yellow signposts to the Feldringalm. This hut can be reached in about 45 minutes. After a short break at the hut, follow the signpost to the Faltegartenköpfl.

    First it goes up steeple through a thin forest, until you reach a crossing, here keep left. At the top of the ridge, you keep left, along the edge of the forest. After about 30 minutes,  you already see the summit cross of the mountain Faltegartenköpfl, on the left. There are several ways to climb to the summit, in this trail is chosen for the lighter one, you don’t have to climb. We go to the right, under the summit, up to the ridge, where you can see the next signposts.

    You follow the signpost to the Faltegartenköpfl, this mountain top can be reached in a few minutes. Up here, you have a beautiful panoramic view at the Mieming Range (in German: Mieminger Kette), the alps of the Lechtal valley, the Stubai valley and the Ötztal valley, as well as in the deep Inn valley below.Over the same way, you walk back to the ridge, then follow the signpost Bettlersteig/Feldringalm.

    20180323 At the Bettlersteig

    Natural beauty at the Bettlersteig (beggar’s climb)
    © www.outdooractive.com

    First you descend in an easterly direction on the ridge, you cross the brook and then you pass the next road signs. Now it’s westwards on the Bettlersteig (climb), which leads on the northern slope of the mountain Faltegartenköpfl. From here, you walk steadily up and down, back to the hut on the Feldringalm. The last part of the trail is the already known way back to the parking lot in Sattele.

    2.4 Duration

    The total time of the round trip is 4,15 hours, (for people used to heights). When enjoying the scenery more relaxed, taking photos, or taking a break at the hut etc. it will take around 5 -5,5 hours. The total time of the variant trip is 2 – 2,5 hours (for people used to heights and without stops).

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