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  • Kleiner Mutzkopf – Schwarzer See – Grüner See

    Published 2-Mar-'17
    Modified 20-Jan-'20
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    1. Background / History

    Nauders is situated in Tyrol in Austria, in the border area of three countries: Austria, Italy and Switzerland. In the summer visitors can hike or bike

    Both in the winter and in the summer, visitors will find a great mix of high alpine meadows and steep peaks.

    2. The hiking trail

    The trail starts with a relaxed ride up with the Mutzkopf chairlift. Next through a nature reserve to the idyllic protected natural lake Schwarzer See and then further through a fir forest to the lake Grüner See. From here starts the climb to the mountain Großen Mutzkopf. On the top, the view extends all the way to the lake Reschensee in Italy. Via the mountain inn Riatschhof it goes back to the valley to Nauders.

    2.2 Starting point

    Starting point of the trail is the top mountain station of the double chairlift Mutzkopf in Nauders. There is a little parking lot at the valley station of the Mutzkopfbahn. There is a free parking lot at the valley station of the Bergkastelbahn (20 minutes walk to the Mutzkopfbahn).

    How to get to Nauders:

    By car: From Wenns, drive to Fließ, follow the B180 (Reschenstraβe) to Nauders. At the end of this road (in the center of Nauders), drive to the right over the Martinsbrücker Straße. The chairlift is at the left side of the road.

    By public transport: From Wenns, there is a bus connection to Nauders via Imst and Landeck, duration 2 hours.

    2.3 Turn-by-turn directions

    Before the trail starts, ascent with the Mutzkopf cable car to a height of 1,812 meters, here starts hiking trail no. 9 to the small mountain Mutzkopf and the fabulously beautiful lake Schwarzer See. This is a moor lake in the middle of a dark fir forest.



    At the lake Schwarzer See starts hiking trail no. 6 Here are two options, east of the lake Schwarzer See, you can take a path that runs over the southern shore towards the Grüner See. A second road begins at the very end of the western shore of the lake Schwarzer See. Both paths meet in the forest above the lake Schwarzer See.

    Through fir forest it goes up to the fish-rich lake Grüner See at a height of 1,836 meters. Follow the path from the lake Grüner See in a south-easterly direction, you will reach a wide meadow area.

    Hiking trail no. 6 leads in a northeasterly direction to the highest point of the large Mutzkopf mountain. At the top, you can enjoy a clear view of the Italian reservoir Reschensee and the mountains in the south. Then follow hiking trail no.7 towards the wide meadows of Riatsch and the inn Riatschhof. The hike back to the valley station of the Mutzkopf chairlift, follows the road Kohlstatt (Rundwanderung Grosser Mutzkopf). This is a different road than the gpx in this post (ends in the center of Nauders).

    In the trail, between the both lakes, there is a side-way (not on the gpx) that leads to the three countries landmark (borders of Italy, Switzerland and Austria). This is a 15 minutes walk.

    Signpost to the three countries landmark © www.suedtirolerland.it

    The boundary stone
    © www.suedtirolerland.it


    2.4 Duration

    The total length of this trail (without chair lift) is 10.3 kilometers. The duration is 4 hours. When enjoying the scenery more relaxed, taking photos etc. it will take more time.


    4. Photos

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