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  • Hiking trail – Winnebachseehütte from Gries

    Published 20-Jan-'16
    Modified 25-Jan-'20
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    1. The Winnebachseehütte

    The Winnebachseehütte is located in the west Stubai Alps. The start of the trail is in the Ötztal, in Gries (near Längenfeld). A crystal clear mountain lake is nestled next to the hut.

    At a height of 2362 meters you can enjoy the views of the magnificent mountains and a majestic waterfall. The hut is finishing point of the famous long distance trails “Adler-weg” (Ealgle-walk), etappe 48 and The Ötztal Trek route 1, etappe 3. In a ten minutes walk, you find a litlle climbing park, with 25 routes, named “Kleinkanada”.

    In the summer, the hut is open from the end of June until mid October. During the winter, the hut is open from the end of February until the beginning of May. It is possible to transport your luggage by the ropeway.

    During the spring of 2015, the hut was completely rebuilt and renovated, by the DAV section Hof (DAV = Deutsche Alpen Verein, in English German Alpine Association). Also due to regularly requirements, the conversion and extension had become urgently necessary. Of course, the section tried to keep, as far as possible, the original and very popular character of the cottage.

    2. The trail

    In the summer, from the parking place, walk along the driveway, between the houses of Winnebach, follow the marked path (no. 141) in switchbacks up into the forest. First, you follow a somewhat broader way, then the trail follows over a narrow mountain road, northwest of the Winnebach creek, on the lateral slopes into the valley.

    After the tree line, a few meters down and along the Winnebach alp, further along the valley. Traverse underneath the climbing park “Kleinkanada”. In the end, the trail goes steep up to the now already visible hut.

    In the winter, you take the same trail on touring skis or snowshoes, don’t take the small rising path to the left but remain on the wider path. For use of the winterroom, no key is needed.

    2.1 Map


    2.2 Starting point

    From Gries, follow the road to Winnebach. In the second turn, there is a small parking area for the visitors of the hut. Attention: in spring snow chains are necessary. If you are using a GPS, the coördinates of the parking place are 47.072553N, 11.024842E. There is also a large parking place at the end of Gries, for the hikers to the Amberger Hütte (coördinates 47.069590N, 11.026656E).

    How to get there:

    By car: From Wenns, drive out of the Pitztal. In Imst, take the B171 to Roppen and Ötztal Bahnhof. Follow the B186 into the Ötztal. In Längenfeld, drive left to Gries, after the village is the parking lot.

    By public transport: From Wenns, there is a bus connection to Längenfeld (change in Imst). Duration 1 hour 30 minutes. There is no bus connection between Längenfeld and Gries.

    2.3 Turn-by-turn directions

    From the parking place, walk along the driveway, between the houses of Winnebach, follow the marked path (no. 141) in switchbacks up into the forest.

    2.4 Duration

    The trail is a round trail, the hut is on the highest point. The total distance is 7,3 kilometers, the duration is 4 hours. This is only an indication, it takes longer when you stop to take pictures or if you take a break at the hut.


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    kinder_mit_goass am winnebachsee

    © Winnebachseehütte



    Waterfall behind the Winnebachseehütte
    © Winnebachseehütte


    Trail to the hut in the winter
    © Winnebachseehütte


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