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  • Sight – Silver mine in Schwaz

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    1. The Silver mine in Schwaz.

    Experience closely how 500 years ago more than 10.000 miners were looking for silver and copper. In this way, they made Tyrol one of the richest countries in Europe.

    Once Schwaz was the biggest mining metropolis in the world with more than 85% of silver production in the world. During the guided tour, you can experience all of the largest mining of the Middle Ages, all about the hard life of the miners and all of the big business families who had political influence of Europe with the silver from Schwaz.

    800 meter deep in the mine they climb out of the rattling lorry and dive into the unique world of the legendary surrounded silver mine Schwaz !


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    In the year 1500, at its peak, the silver mine in Schwaz, was the largest mining metropolis in the world. The mine is not only historical, but also geologically unique. About 500 years ago, the coveted mineral tetrahedrite was found here. The silver mine made the city Schwaz into a rich city.

    Visitors can follow a guided tour by taking the train into the mine, to follow the traces of the past of the miners. You will learn interesting facts about the mining metropolis of the Middle Ages, which was mined in its heyday to 85 percent of the world’s traded silver.

    Please consider that the constant temperature inside the galleries is at 12°C (54 °F). We recommend proper shoes as well as warm clothing.


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    4. Address and opening hours

    The address of the mine is:

    Alte Landstrasse 3a
    A-6130 Schwaz/Tirol

    The actual opening hours can be found on the website of the Silberbergwerk.

    The mine is open in May until September from 9 am – 17 pm (the main season), and in October to April from 10 am – 16 pm (the low season).


    Adults €17, Children (5-14 years) €10, Seniors, students and children (15-18 years) €15, infants (0-4 years) free, Families €40 (2 adults, 1 child, every further child €8).

    5. Particularities

    Voorbeelden hieronder:

    • Multiple parking garages in the city center. The nearest parking is the Congress Garage.
    • The Hofkirche is not entered by the big main church door, but a little further to the left. It shares an entrance with the Tiroler Volkskunst-Museum (Museum of Tirolean Folk Art).
    • Children up to the age of 19 have free entry
    • Adults pay €7 up to €11 for a combi ticket to visit other museums (prices for 2016). See the website of the Tiroler Landesmuseum for actual ticket prices.

    6. Directions & parking

    From Wenns, drive out of the Pitztal valley. In Imst, take the motorway (Autobahn) A12 to Innsbrück. Take the exit to Schwaz. Drive straight ahead until the roundabout, here take the third exit (direction “Jenbach, Wörgl”).

    Go straight on until you reach a second roundabout. Continue in direction of “Wörgl”, when you see our road sign (after about 1 km/0.6 miles), turn right into the “Bergwerksstraße“. After 600 m (2000 ft) turn left to “car park 2”, or after 100 m (300 ft) more turn right to “car park 1”. From there it is a short walk of about 50 m (150 ft) to the entrance of the Schwaz Silver Mine.

    From Wenns, the distance to Schwaz is 96 kilometres (almost 60 miles). Duration 1 hour.





    Zug im Berg, © Silberbergwerk Schwaz


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